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He’s just Not that into you

Posted by kitana5 on April 24, 2010

He’s Just not that into you

I am a great follower of the Glamour magazine and I am always on the lookout for awesome freebies.  So I was quite elated to discover an exclusive edition featuring a copy of the book: He’s just not that into you.  Unfortunately my over hectic work and social schedule prevented me from delving into the portals of the much appealing book and it soon settled under a pile of books and magazines soon to be forgotten…Or so it seemed.

As luck would have it, I was searching for a recipe for an orange infused chocolate cake that I had previously made a mental note of and was now eager to try it out for an upcoming gathering with the girls.  Anyways, long story short, the book literally fell into my lap.  Drawn to its catchy cover I just had to sneak a peek.  After the first two chapters I was quite intrigued and ended up reading the enter book…skipping a few pages here and there.

This book is, dare I say it, quite brilliant and surprisingly accurate.  I mention accurate on the premises that I did in fact probe a few guys, in terms of their input on the subject matter.  After reading the book I felt as if a fog of ignorance or naivety had been magically lifted from within me.  Everything made sense in some strange way, it was clear, it was simple, it was the truth…why had I not realized this before?!

A brief summary after reading the book:

He is just not that into you if:

  1. He is not asking you out.  Sure you may be hanging out, going to the movies, even making out now and then.  If he does not want to define what you are to each other, then he isn’t into you because if he was truly into you, he would ask you out!  Plain and simple.
  2. He is not calling you.  How many of you have went on a date or met somebody really amazing and felt that you had a connection with them…you exchanged numbers in hopes that it could lead to a second date or something more, only to discover that an entire 5 days have gone by and he hasn’t called?!  You check your phone a hundred times a day and think up a million different excuses as to why he has not called you yet.  Guilty as charged!  The truth is if a guy is into you, he will make the time to call!  He will pick up that damn phone and spare five minutes to say hello!  If he isn’t calling, he is just not that into you!
  3. He is just not that into you if he is not having sex with you.  If you are going out for a long time, say three months to a year and he hasn’t tried to sleep with you, then it’s safe to say that he is not that into you.  As per the brilliant Greg Behrendth and I quote: “when men like you, they want to touch you, always….if he was into you he would have a hard time keeping his paws off you.”

The above are just a few of the points worth pondering in the really funny, in your face, straight forward and refreshingly honest book: He’s just not that into you.  Hmmm…if only I had been given this book a couple of years ago.  It would have saved my girlfriends and me a lot of heartbreaks, tears, and hours wasted over worrying and pining over guys not worthy of our love.


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